Our service, our refund policy & privacy stuff


We strive to keep our costs as low as we can so that we can pass any savings onto you the customer. This means that only limited stock is held in our warehouse. (Bosses spare room).

We commit to getting you the fastest possible international shipping as our goods are shipped from all over the world.

In order to again, keep those costs as low of possible, shipping can take between 10-20 business days and on very rare occasions, 25-30 business days.


We have a very responsive customer service team that is online almost all the time and available through the front page of the website. 


If you have failed to receive your product after 40 business days we will give you back your money, no questions asked, plus a $10 credit just to say we are sorry.


Claims must be registered within 48 hours of receiving the goods.

We are happy to refund all goods that are faulty or damaged.

We are happy to refund your money if the shipping falls outside our terms of shipping. 

We are not happy to refund money if you change your mind mid-shipment or after you have the goods. 

To obtain a refund for damaged or faulty goods the customer is responsible for cost of return to epic green planet.

Review and refund may take up to 5 working days to complete once goods are returned.