Why Epic Green Planet?

Epic Green Planet is an online store catering to the eco-friendly people out there who want to make a difference to our planet in a small, but significant way.

We wanted to become more environmentally-conscious in our own lives by using earth-friendly products that are fun, friendly, and affordable – not to mention quality. And we thought others might feel like we do.

That’s why we set up Epic Green Planet.

It’s all to easy to say that being green is for tree-huggers and those who live by strict eco-friendly principles. But that’s not quite so.

We believe that every little bit we can do to be environmentally-conscious will help preserve our planet earth., regardless of where we sit on the ‘green spectrum.’ 

Our online store is new and we’re still sourcing our range of products. We personally check every product we offer through our store and make sure it meets our criteria of contributing to an epic green planet.

We hope you will visit our store often, especially as we grow our range, and we’d love to hear from you with any suggestions on products you’d like us to offer.

You can reach us on nige@epicgreenplanet.com and either myself, Nige or Kirsten, my partner will be in touch.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Nige and Kirsten